Specializing in industrial and commercially controlled access security systems and equipment for businesses. Access control systems allow you to manage any entry into specified areas of your business location, that either customer and/or employees use. Skynet can Install an access control system to limit anyone’s access to your business’s front door, computer rooms, elevators, parking garages and just about any other place you can think of. Our systems also sync with your Office 365 account so it can all be controlled in one place.

Controlled access systems can save and create a searchable record of all activity and can be programmed in such a way, so each individual’s access can be adjusted based on the time of day you desire. Customers use access systems for security, to track time for payroll, or to grant temporary access for visitors, vendors or repair personnel as well.

By incorporating Access Control Systems, basically, Access Control Systems perform this role courtesy of a distinct physical system like a key card, fob, or even your cell phone can act as the key card. With the assortment of solutions that Access Control offers, security gets easier and customizable for any individual who access is granted to. Among the solutions that Access Control provides is added protection from standard keys, although you can still utilize them if need be.