Dark web monitoring

Dark Web surveillance, also known as cyber monitoring, is a wholesale fraud counteractive action product that can monitor ID information on the dark web and get notifications when information is discovered. 

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What is the dark web?

The dark web is considered behind the internet, it is a concealed region of the internet and avoid web crawlers. This allows fraudsters to commit crimes such as theft of personal information without being detected, so you can only access it with special anonymity browsers, such as I2P, Freenet, and the most common, The Onion Router (TOR) bundle.


How Dark Web monitoring functions

Web Crawlers

Dark web monitoring administrations normally incorporate web crawlers and scrubbers that monitor P2P systems, websites, and visit rooms, where stolen information is sold. If a match is found, a notification is sent. You can enter directly on your account what information you would like to be monitored. 

You control what to monitor

You can control what information is monitored on the dark web. For the information you decide to monitor, essentially enter the subtleties identified with your Dark Web Surveillance account directly.

Get Alarms

Get alarms inside your email and record for all the information you decide to monitor. If you are familiar with the information you receive in alerts, no additional action is required. However, if you don’t know the information, we ’ll let you know what to do next to make sure you ’re secure.

Update your information

If an email address is found on the dark web, you should change your secret key and change the secret word for different records that sign in with that email address. This will protect your identity, bank accounts, or any other sensitive information from being undermined. 

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web monitoring identifies instances of sensitive data and signs of attacks related to business, brand, critical assets, personal information, and consumer data.

Dark Web Threat Alert

Benefit from proactive monitoring of stolen or compromised data. Gives constant alarms when information is found on the Dark Web.

Track and Report Suspected Information

The administration tracks the suspected information and oversees hazard through logs and reports.

Trend analysis and bench marking of compromised data

Gain insight into the current threat landscape and benchmark colleagues and service providers.

Inventory network danger monitoring

You would now be able to monitor outsider merchants to decide whether your association has potential dangers. This is significant for human services, law, and different organizations that need to conform to industry and government guidelines.

The client-based management

Ensure customers more safely by giving noteworthy insight to secure against potential information ruptures.


This service reduces the time that takes for a data breach to occurand also the chance that criminals make copies of the data and sell it. It Prevent clients, employees, key executives, and prominent employees from being exploited on the dark web. So, it is best recommended to safeguard the businesses that work online.