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Cybersecurity services is one of the most vital components of any IT environment. Skynet is a trusted provider serving Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Columbus businesses of all sizes. Protecting your company’s, employees’, and customer’s information is a top priority, and even the smallest online attack can be extremely costly. We make sure your technology is protected and secured by offering custom network security plans tailored to your business.

Comprehensive Network Security Services

Our protection solutions and products provide an in-depth approach to cloud security, ensuring that data and cloud system applications are protected. This also means that we proactively ensure regulatory requirements are met and that business goals are not compromised. Skynet provides assessments and risk tolerance to assess client needs. We help you develop a strong roadmap and architecture to all your technology ambitions. End-to-end visualization of cloud assets and network topology with real-time status is key to keeping your network protected.

Our expert team of cyber professionals can help protect organizations of any size. As the threat landscape evolves day after day, smarter network security services are needed to properly protect companies. Our comprehensive strategies make sure issues are blocked before they start, with proactive protection for your whole IT network.

By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to collect, analyze, and correlate threat data, we can prevent attacks before they even occur. Skynet continuously collects information to identify potential threats and provide insights into attack risks and vulnerabilities. We leverage expert threat hunting expertise to discover security flaws in endpoints, user behavior, networks, and applications.

In addition to all of that, we provide 24/7 security monitoring to detect threats, such as system policy changes and compliance violations. Not to mention, we also offer triage alerts with a data-driven approach and respond to threat incidents at the right time based on priority.

cybersecurity cincinnati
cybersecurity cincinnati

Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Protection & Response

Beyond traditional point-in-time detection, our cybersecurity services provide innovative, advanced threat protection that quickly identifies attacks and alerts organizations to enable rapid mitigation.

Our continuous detection, assessment, and management of vulnerabilities and advanced malware are essential for your protection. Skynet’s penetration testing and remediation of applications & devices, help to assess any IT infrastructure vulnerabilities. Our team analyzes all threats and, once the threat is verified, takes immediate action to contain the compromised endpoint and protect your systems from similar attacks in the future.

We deliver the best, fully tested products and solutions to protect and safeguard your information, while reducing exposure to risks in a globally connected world. Our solutions also allow you to work safely wherever your mission goes across the enterprise and establishes trust for you and the people who work with you.

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