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The Big Data Guide for Cincinnati Business 2016

Big data is a term that’s been used quite a bit over the last few years. While it’s regularly brought up in boardrooms and industry articles, plenty of businesses in Cincinnati and the rest of the United States are still unclear about exactly what this term means. Just as importantly, countless businesses are unsure of what big data can actually do for their bottom line. Since you’re definitely not alone if you’re in this position, we want to shed some light on what your business can expect from big data during the upcoming year.

What the Term Big Data Actually Means

Although plenty of people would agree that big data has become a common buzzword, it is a term with an actual meaning. What it refers to is sets of data that are so large and complex that standard methods of processing are unable to handle them. While these sets of data have a lot to offer to businesses, making sense of them requires using new forms of database technology.

How to Use Big Data in Your Cincinnati Business

When you think of data sets that are extremely large, you may initially assume that only corporations have this kind of data. While that may have been true not very long ago, businesses are now able to capture so much data about customers and other activities without even trying that even small and medium businesses have big data available to them.

A major strength of big data is it makes it possible to look at a business on a very accurate macro scale. Even though looking at data on a micro scale has its place, being able to step back and take a look at the big picture through data can help a business in multiple ways. Not only is this type of data useful for planning and strategizing, but it can also be very useful if a business is up against any type of problematic trends.

Another way that Cincinnati businesses can put big data to use is by understanding the true lifecycles of customers. Since customers interact with businesses through a variety of channels, tracking and compiling all of that unstructured data has traditionally been very difficult. But thanks to the rise of big data technologies, Cincinnati businesses can get more insights than ever before on where they should actually be focusing the majority of their efforts and resources with customers.

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By Skynet Innovations Jan 12, 2016