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Although every business needs a secure network, hiring a team of IT employees isn’t always the right choice. Whether it’s an issue of cost or time, plenty of small and medium-sized businesses need a better way to address their IT needs.

With managed IT services from Skynet Innovations, your business can get the computer repair, network management and monitoring you need in a package that actually fits your business. Our proven services are specifically designed so we can tailor them to exactly what a business requires.


Remote Computer Repair You Can Depend On

Ensuring that a repair technician understands your company’s specific IT systems is essential for prompt and reliable troubleshooting. Working with Skynet Innovations means the highly trained and experienced technician who’s assigned to your company will do a full evaluation of the network. By documenting your company’s network and implementing the necessary system upgrades, our technical team will be able to help you during facility visits and remotely.

Thanks to our use of custom software, our team can remotely and securely provide support when something goes wrong with your network. So in the event of a critical problem like a service or server suddenly going down, we can provide immediate assistance to identify the exact problem and fix it.


Proactive Support During All Stages of Business Growth

While our ability to provide remote support means we can offer immediate help when it’s needed most, that doesn’t mean our team just sits around and waits for something to go wrong. Instead, Skynet Innovations takes a proactive approach to support. During our periodic network evaluations, our technicians will suggest any upgrades or changes that should be completed. By proactively staying on top of common IT issues, we’re able to support businesses as they grow and expand their infrastructure.


The Features & Highlights of Network Management by Skynet Innovations

Our network management service is the best way to secure reliable maintenance, technical support and troubleshooting. With this service from Skynet Innovations, you’ll have an IT solution with a fixed and predictable cost. And because we take a proactive approach to network management, you’ll enjoy reduced downtime.

Our comprehensive approach to Managed IT services includes:

  • • 24×7 monitoring and alerting
  • • Asset management through a detailed inventory report
  • • A patch management process to prevent unexpected problems
  • • Security assurance that’s in full compliance with legislated security regulations
  • • Preventative maintenance which handles issues before they become problems
  • • Reporting that’s automatically sent on your desired schedule


Simplify Computer Network Monitoring with Skynet Innovations

Our network monitoring service makes it easier than ever to keep servers up and running. Features include:

  • • Remote monitoring
  • • Automatic creation of service tickets
  • • Detection of security vulnerabilities through baseline security scanning
  • • Backup verification and remote antivirus monitoring
  • • Comprehensive network and server reporting
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