Managed IT Services  Skynet Innovations

While all businesses need quality IT solutions, the specific needs of businesses vary across industries. At Skynet Innovations, we build relationships and custom solutions. We take the time to fully understand you and your needs.

Our experts provide you with solutions that are right-sized, and include customized support.


IT Consulting

Our consulting services are smart and cost-effective way. Give us your IT challenges and our experts will give you solutions.


IT Installation Solutions

Our role as consultants starts with both understanding businesses and assessing exactly where IT efforts are in need of help. We continue our work through the installation and implementation of the required IT solutions. Because businesses have different needs, your solution will be customized to fit you.

Help desk administration, software support, information security, hardware support and network installation represent areas where our team of highly trained IT professionals can help with successful installations.


Managed IT Services

Many small to medium businesses find themselves in the position of needing to expand their IT systems. However, when they analyze the costs, it doesn’t make sense to hire a team of IT employees. Although this can initially seem like a frustrating situation, there’s a straightforward solution.

Expanding IT systems no longer requires hiring extra in-house IT teams. We will upgrade and expand your systems, monitor and proactively solve issues, and support or train any in-house IT personnel or non-IT staff.

In addition to the variety of solutions we offer, a big part of why businesses choose to work with us is because we provide proactive support during all stages of business growth. This approach allows us to stay on top of common IT issues and address them before they turn into problems.


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