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We’ve been helping U.S. businesses for over 15 years in the IT field.

While most businesses share at least a few related elements, it’s common knowledge that businesses across different industries have goals and requirements that are unique. Since not every business has the same needs, it doesn’t make sense for IT providers to offer predefined solutions to all of their clients. The reason they take that approach is it means less work on their end.

At Skynet Innovations, we’re not afraid to go the extra mile for our clients. In fact, we take a lot of pride in our ability to offer custom solutions that truly address exactly what a business needs. Instead of trying to fit a client’s needs into a predefined package, we take time to understand the business and the types of IT challenges it’s facing.

By taking the time to understand a business and its needs, we’re able to do much more than simply address functional challenges. Our early stages of evaluation include looking at redundancy, scalability, security, speed of performance and information architecture. By evaluating those factors and many others, Skynet Innovations’s IT consultants are able to identify the most important needs of a business.

Thanks to our attention to detail and thorough process, we’re able to deliver the best possible experience with IT projects of all sizes. Beginning with needs assessment and guiding your business all the way through implementation, Skynet Innovations is the IT partner you can trust and depend on to deliver the right solutions for your specific business needs.


Working with IT Consultants

A big part of why so many SMB’s and enterprise level firms turn to IT consultants for help is because it’s the best way for the business to successfully complete an important project. While hiring a team of IT professionals simply may not be possible due to the cost and amount of time needed to execute the project, skilled IT consultants are able to take on this kind of role.

At Skynet Innovations, we have specifically built our team in a manner that allows us to provide the best IT consulting services. Thanks to the experience, knowledge and training of our team, we are ready to help you find the right solutions to your current IT challenges.


IT Installation Solutions

Because we’ve worked with so many different types of clients across the US, we understand the wide range of IT needs that businesses have. Being able to assist with all of those needs is why we have a diverse team with training in help desk administration, software support, information security, hardware support, network installation and more. Not only do we have equipment and service recommendations to match every budget, but our on-site service technicians are highly trained IT professionals.

Some of our most popular installation and configuration services include:

  • Office desktop PC and server setup
  • Operating system and software installation & configuration
  • Installation of hardware like wireless access points, switches and routers/firewalls
  • Configuration of remote monitoring services, email & web filtering and online backup

If you’re ready to work with an IT consulting team that can deliver results and ensure all installation work is done right the first time, be sure to contact Skynet Innovations today.


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