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Is the Cloud the Right Place for Your Business?

Whether it’s because of Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox or another platform, most people in Cincinnati are now familiar with the basic idea of what cloud computing is and what it has to offer. While it’s fairly easy for individuals to get on board with this concept, businesses are often more resistant to making the transition.

The most common reason businesses are hesitant to transition to the cloud is because they have concerns about security. Given the various data breaches that happen to organizations of almost all sizes, it’s completely valid to have concerns about cloud security. That being said, it’s important to emphasize that when the proper security measures and policies are in place, cloud platforms can be just as secure as any other type of storage.

Because moving to the cloud can provide a Cincinnati business with numerous advantages, we want to touch on some of the key benefits, as well as look at the security issue in a little greater detail:

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

One of the big benefits that goes along with the transition from physical servers to virtual ones is the increased flexibility that becomes available. For example, if there’s a sudden spike in usage, there’s no need to worry about a crash. Instead, being on an optimized cloud platforms means that additional server resources can be spun up within minutes.

Save Money and Time

On the other side of the point touched on above, being in a virtual environment means that resources don’t need to run 100% of the time. If resources aren’t being used, they can be turned off for the time being, which means that your business won’t spend on things it’s not using. Having this level of control in a straightforward format also means notable savings of time.

Take Advantage of More Effective Project Monitoring

When any type of project is spread across numerous locations, it can be difficult to accurately monitor how well it is moving forward. The great thing about utilizing a cloud solution is the centralized structure of this type of system means that everyone involved will be able to accurately look at how well the project is progressing.

Dedicated Hardware Can Actually Increase Security

As mentioned earlier in this post, security is definitely an important consideration for any type of cloud platform. But even though security is something that needs to be carefully evaluated, the right cloud system can actually provide an optimal amount of security. As long as firewall, anti-virus and physical security rules are all utilized, a cloud solution can deliver all the benefits discussed above within a very secure system.

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By Skynet Innovations Aug 7, 2015