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5 Reasons for Computer Working Slow & the Computer Repair that’s required

If one or more of the computers in your Cincinnati office is running slowly, it can negatively impact employees’ productivity. While some computer issues are fairly easy to fix, others require more work. Since this is a problem that plagues small and medium businesses across all industries, we want to cover the five most common reasons that computers run slow, as well as what type of repair is required to fix them:

1. Hasn’t Been Rebooted

The absolute simplest reason a computer may run slowly is it hasn’t been rebooted in a long time. As soon as a computer starts running slowly, taking 90 seconds to reboot it is the simplest way to test if there’s a bigger issue or the computer simply needed a restart.

2. Background Programs

The next reason a computer may run very slowly is there are too many programs running in the background. Although these programs may not have a visible window open, they can take up a computer’s memory and other resources. Since these programs may launch automatically, it’s helpful to have a computer repair expert assess the computer and optimize it so background programs don’t continue to be a problem.

3. Lack of Hard Drive Space

Most modern computers have a significant amount of hard drive space. However, if a computer has a lot of videos or other big files saved on it, even a large hard drive can get filled up. There are several ways to address this problem. One option is to delete large files that aren’t being used. Another is to add an external hard drive to the computer. And if a computer has a smaller hard drive because it’s older, upgrading may be the best option.

4. Infected with a Virus or Malware

Of all the reasons a computer may run slowly, this is one of the most serious. Not only can it be difficult to get virus or malware off a computer, but if the computer is connected to others via a network, those computers are at risk as well. Solving and avoiding this problem is why it’s important to enlist the help of computer network support in Cincinnati as soon as possible.

5. Conflicting System and Program Versions

An older operating system can be in conflict with a newer version of a program and cause the entire computer to run slowly. An update may be available to solve this problem, or the only solution may be to upgrade the computer itself to a newer model.

If you need computer repair in your Cincinnati office, don’t hesitate to contact Skynet Innovations. We also offer a variety of IT consulting services in Cincinnati that can help you prevent problems like slow computers hurting employees’ productivity. To learn more about how we can assist your business with its computer and IT needs, contact us by calling 513-549-5031.

By Skynet Innovations Dec 15, 2015