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Data Security in a Dangerous Cyber World

It’s no longer news that cyber criminals constantly attack major corporations, resulting in huge losses of data and profits. Even people who don’t pay much attention to the media are aware of the headlines and stories about hackers stealing a company’s data or hacking the personal information of their customers. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, the current cost of these attacks is around 400 billion dollars a year.

But an unfortunate side effect of these attacks, which you might not be aware of, is the dangerous idea that cyber criminals only focus on taking down government entities, or hacking companies as large as Target and Home Depot. The facts are much scarier for all of us, individuals as well as small business owners. In addition to targeting those big fish, one third of adults in the U.S.—one in three Americans—is the victim of a cyber attack each year. As for small business—70 percent of all data breaches occur in companies with less than 100 employees.

The cost of these attacks is severe—according to one report, 60% of small companies go out of business after being hacked.  (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Oct 3, 2016

Data Security

Ransomware…What is it?

What is Ransomware?  Let us define Malware first.  Malware is a term used to describe any type of software that’s designed to disrupt normal computer operations. Malware can also collect private information or take control of a computer system. The history of malware dates back several decades, with one of the most notable examples being the first Internet Worm. Although many early examples of malware were written as pranks or experiments, modern malware is generally created and distributed with very specific goals in mind. (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Jan 12, 2016

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The Big Data Guide for Cincinnati Business 2016

Big data is a term that’s been used quite a bit over the last few years. While it’s regularly brought up in boardrooms and industry articles, plenty of businesses in Cincinnati and the rest of the United States are still unclear about exactly what this term means. Just as importantly, countless businesses are unsure of what big data can actually do for their bottom line. Since you’re definitely not alone if you’re in this position, we want to shed some light on what your business can expect from big data during the upcoming year. (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Jan 12, 2016

Data Security

Outsourcing IT and the Key Benefits.

If a Cincinnati business is thinking about outsourcing their IT needs and decides to follow through with this plan, they will see both immediate and ongoing benefits from this decision. Because there are numerous benefits that go along with outsourcing IT to the right provider, we want to highlight the top five: (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Dec 8, 2015

Data Security

How Proactive IT Services Can Help Improve Your Business Security

Over the last year, companies of all sizes have found themselves dealing with large hacks and data breaches. While it’s easy to assume that these kinds of hacks are events that come out of the blue, that’s not an accurate picture of what often happens.

In multiple cases, it’s come to light that businesses have failed to take the necessary steps to prevent these hacks. In several high-profile incidents, companies actually went out of their way to avoid spending on the necessary security measures. As these events have shown, trying to cut costs upfront is simply not worth the potential risk exposure that doing so can create.

The Reality of Hacking and Data Breaches (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Sep 1, 2015

Data Security

How Important Are Battery Backup Units for Servers?

One question we’re commonly asked is whether or not battery backup units should be used for computer equipment like servers. The single-word answer to that question is yes. Since knowing that battery backup units should be used is probably enough to further pique your interest on this topic, we want to jump into a more detailed discussion about battery backup units.

The 3 Main Functions of Battery Backup Units (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Aug 7, 2015

Data Security

Understanding the Basics of PCI Compliance

There are several reasons why PCI compliance is an important issue for many businesses. Of those, the two that stand out the most are avoiding costly fines and ensuring that credit card acceptance isn’t terminated for failing to comply.

Since there are many things about PCI compliance that can make this topic quite confusing, we want to help you understand more about it by providing an overview of the basics:

Knowing If You’re Impacted By PCI

Does your business accept, transmit or store cardholder data? If you answered yes to any of those elements, then you are impacted by PCI. This is true even if you only accept credit cards over the phone. (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Mar 25, 2015

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5 Things to Know About HIPAA Compliance in 2015

Although HIPAA compliance is a subject that affects many businesses, it’s not necessarily something that people willing want to spend their time focusing on. However, just as it’s crucial for a business to follow all IRS guidelines, the same goes for HIPAA compliance. And the good news about this topic is it’s not necessarily as daunting as it may initially seem.

When it comes to avoiding running afoul of HIPAA guidelines, one of the most important things is to stay up to date about new changes. Since there are new changes that get implemented from time to time, we thought it would be helpful to cover five things to know about HIPPA compliance in 2015: (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Mar 25, 2015

Data Security

What You Need to Know to Create Strong Passwords

Data security is a very broad topic. In this post, we want to focus on data security for businesses. Since data loss is a very common problem for businesses, it’s important to have a strong data backup protocol in place.

In addition to properly backing up data, every employee of a business needs to take advantage of strong passwords. A big part of why businesses of all sizes struggle with data security is because they don’t have practices in place which address the entire organization. Because it data breaches only require a single vulnerability, a business is only as secure as its weakest point. (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Mar 10, 2015