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The Big Data Guide for Cincinnati Business 2016

Big data is a term that’s been used quite a bit over the last few years. While it’s regularly brought up in boardrooms and industry articles, plenty of businesses in Cincinnati and the rest of the United States are still unclear about exactly what this term means. Just as importantly, countless businesses are unsure of what big data can actually do for their bottom line. Since you’re definitely not alone if you’re in this position, we want to shed some light on what your business can expect from big data during the upcoming year. (more…)

By Skynet Innovations Jan 12, 2016

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Top 4 Reasons Backing Up Data Can Save Your Business

Most people agree that discussions about backing up data aren’t very exciting. However, that doesn’t change the fact that data backup is actually quite important. If you’ve ever felt like it is something you can put on the back burner, you’re definitely not alone.

Given how many different things a business is dealing with at any given time, it’s normal to look for tasks that can wait for at least a little while. The reason far too many businesses assume that they can put off backing up data is because there aren’t any immediate consequences to not doing so.

But, as plenty of businesses have learned the hard way, there can be real consequences to not prioritizing data backups. It only takes one glitch for everything with a system to go terribly wrong. And if that occurs, it can spell disaster for a business that doesn’t have an active backup strategy in place.


By Skynet Innovations Feb 27, 2015